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Dental Emergencies

Learning About Dental Emergencies in Hawthorn Woods

When a dental emergency occurs, seeking immediate dental care is incredibly important to ensure the long-term health of your smile. At Hawthorn Woods Family Dental Care, our state-of-the-art practice offers comprehensive emergency and restorative care to help patients regain optimal health and lasting smiles. 

Identifying Dental Emergencies

In order to effectively treat a dental emergency, patients must first be able to identify their dental emergency. While some oral accidents, like tooth avulsion, fracture, or gum laceration are obvious emergencies that require emergency care, other emergencies are less noticeable and easily ignored.

For example, while a toothache can seem like a minor issue that will heal on its own, it is often an indicator of a more serious issue, like a tooth infection or growing abscess. Without seeking immediate care, patients are at risk of more serious health consequences. 

At our Hawthorn Woods family dental practice, we recommend that patients visit our practice if they are experiencing any form of dental pain or discomfort. The sooner we are able to identify the cause of your discomfort, the sooner we can create a personalized treatment plan for restoring health and wellness to your smile. 

Treating your Dental Emergency

The kind of emergency you experience plays a significant role in determining the type of restorative care you receive. At Hawthorn Woods Family Dental Care, our first priority is to alleviate your dental pain as soon as possible. By striving to accommodate all dental emergencies with same day appointments, our team is often able to provide temporary solutions that allow patients to enjoy restored function while a more permanent treatment plan is being developed.

When it comes to creating your long-term treatment solution, our Hawthorn Woods dentists are committed to developing multi-faceted treatments plans that address every part of your smile, rather than just the dental emergency. As our practice features a number of in-office dental specialists, our team is able to create truly personalized strategies for restoring the health, function, and aesthetics of your smile following a dental emergency. 

Experiencing a Dental Emergency? Call Us Today!

Treating your dental emergency as soon as possible is critical to ensuring lasting oral health. If you are experiencing any form of dental emergency, including teeth that are broken or loss, bleeding gums or soft tissue, or toothache, contact the dentists at Hawthorn Woods Family Dental Care immediately. We prioritize dental emergencies and strive to accommodate most patients within the same day.  



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"Friendly staff, very clean offices, thorough explanation of services and pro-active maintenance tips, no pain...all you could ask for in a dental team! Thanks"

I came to Hawthorn Woods Family Dentistry, since I had problems with my gums and overall dental health. Dr. Copeland provided a consultation and recommended a long-term treatment plan, which included porcelain veneers and improving my overall dental health in the course of two years. I could not believe the transformation and I enjoyed being part of the process!
Dr. Copeland performed the dentistry for my porcelain veneers, which look natural and help keep my gums healthy. Dr. Copeland gave me the smile I never had, but always wanted and did so in a caring and professional manner.
The staff at Hawthorn Woods Family Dentistry wanted to make sure I was happy and healthy and were accommodating to my schedule by providing appointments that worked for me.
What I like most about Hawthorn Woods Family Dentistry is that the aftercare and preparation were just as important to Dr. Copeland and his staff as the actual dentistry for the final fitting and placement of the veneers.

I went to your office to get a tooth extracted. I wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience I had! Jeffrey Copeland explained everything to me, helped me relax, feel at ease. The best part- I didn’t feel any pain! Never before have I felt more relaxed getting dental work! His assistant, Kristen, was just as comforting.

My sisters, Karen McGuinn and Sue Bowers, are patients of yours and highly recommended I come to you. The best advice I ever received from them!

I can’t say enough about Dr. Copeland. I’m going to recommend everyone I know to your practice!

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